Space Cadet Downloads

Space Cadet Full Game 700M zip

The full game is now available for download. It's pretty big, so, you'll need a fast net connection. If you'd like us to send you CDROM, just send a check for $19.95 shipping and handling to:

Junglevision Software
1412 Addison St.
Berkeley, CA. 94702

The new version has had a few bugs fixed. And, a new hint system has been added to make the game easier to play for beginners.
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Space Cadet in smaller pieces. This version is new as of 3/18/2002. If you began downloading files previously, and did not finish, you'll have to start from scratch or continue with the 'old version'. See below.
space.000 space.001 space.002 space.003 space.004
space.005 space.006 space.007 space.008 space.009
space.010 space.011 space.012 space.013 space.014
space.015 space.016 space.017 space.018 space.019
space.020 space.021 space.022 space.023 space.024
space.025 space.026 space.027 space.028 space.029

Old split files.

Space Cadet Demo 40Meg

This new version 4/8/00 contains several bug fixes and tweaks to account for the new OpenGL drivers at Rendering is slightly cleaner, and the tweaks and configuration problems are generally improved.
If you have trouble with Space Cadet in OpenGL mode, we advise downloading drivers from one of the following sites.

Space Cadet Mpeg Animation OpenGL Drivers for your video card! I installed this software, and even though it's Beta, it's very slick, and seems to handle many of the hassles of getting OpenGL running.

Drivers for nVidia video cards (external link)

Drivers for Permedia 2 video cards (external link)

Drivers for ATI chipesets.