Space Cadet News

3/18/2002 I uploaded a new split version. And, I fixed a problem with the download server. The files should now be available.

4/3/2001 Junglevision Software announces that Space Cadet is now available for download in the full version from the website. A CD-ROM version is also available for $19.95.
For downloadable version
For CD-ROM version
The new version includes a few bug fixes, and a new improved hint system. Check it out!

2/15/99 Junglevision Software, developer of computer games, announces Space Cadet, Strange New Worlds, for the PC Windows 95/98. Space Cadet, is a fast action adventure game set in a wacky futuristic world. Save the universe from the Deadly Speaker System. Prevent the evil dentists from causing terrible tooth pain across the universe. And recover the time machine from Blue Beard Technologies.