Space Cadet Ships

TANK: Tanks have maximum hold space, and allow for more equipment options than any other type of ship.

POD: Pods are small, cheap, and quick. This is the craft you start the game with.

FIGHTER: Fighters are slightly more powerful than pods. They have more holds than pods.

FREIGHTER: Freighters carry goods from source to their destinations.

ROCKET: Rocket are know to be extra fast and deadly.

DRONE: Drones are automated attack systems.

KILLER SATELLITE: Killer Satellites are automated weapons which will attack any enemy ship that comes near them. Watch out!

MINE: Mines home in on their targets, and then explode. Shielding does not work against mine attacks.

BASE: Bases allow enemies to launch large numbers of ships. Players may purchase bases, to place allies in a system.

VORTEX: Vortexes are gateways to other systems.