Hollywood Hustle

Hollywood Hustle

Project Status:

This is currently kind of a backburner project, though I am thinking about this. The concept of the game is that you're a movie producer -- a typical Hollywood weasel type character. The goal of the game is to get your movies produced. The interface is a drag and drop, where you accumulate 'favors' and movie scripts which appear on your screen as objects.

Here you can see a typical game screen. The bottom is the chat window. And, the text list above, is the current game options. A lot of the basic technology is together, though I still have a ways to go on this.

Technical Design:

The implementation of the game is client/server. That is all game interaction takes place on the server. The client is only used to display graphics and accept user input. The host code is Linux, and the client is Native Windows 98, using Direct X.

Design goals:

My intention is that the game should have a 'feel' sort of like poker. That is, a 'round' should go by about as fast as a poker hand. You put your 'ante' in. You get 'your stuff.' And then you bid based on how strong you think your position is. Your currency will be what I call 'prestige points', which you'll spend to get projects made. If the movie isn't made, you lose your prestige points invested. The 'stuff' you get will be chance encounters with stars, favors or scripts.