Shamus for Gameboy

The classic game.

The wait is over!

Shamus is now available for the Gameboy Color.

Shamus was designed by Cathryn Mataga in 1982 for the Atari 800.
The new Gameboy version brings all the fun of the original
game back.

Now on the Color Gameboy

Available now from Vatical Entertainment
Published by Telegames

Shamus is better than ever!

Not only is Shamus back, but he's better than ever. Including
3d animated cut scenes, and new background graphics.
Visit Shadow Labs, Shadow Studios, the Abandoned LA Subway System
And, confront the Shadow himself at the Shadow's Lair Hotel and Casino
in Las Vegas Nevada.

Game Screens

Check out these new screen shots!

Improved Scoring

Now, with improved scoring. Shamus has an absolute maximum high
score, and you can only get this score with skill -- not by killing
the same enemies over and over again.


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