Are you imaginative, creative, and looking for position that wants to use all of your skills? Then Junglevision Software may just be the place for you.

As a small developer we need artists that can do it all. We want to see people with the following skills.

3D skills: Maya, modeling (character, enviroments, & props), low polygon modeling, rigging (IK / FK), animation, UV texture editing, Skinning & weighting, lighting, baking, particle effects, hair, cloth, rigid and soft body dynamics.

2D skills: Photoshop, Pro Motion, storyboarding, conceptual, texture maps, animation, characters, environments, props, icons, user interface, painting (acrylic, watercolor, etc.).


If you are creative, intuative, self-motivated, and the best damn problem solver around, then Junglevision Software may just be the place for you.

Programming in Visual C required. Assembly language a plus. All game programming experience will be considered.


On occasion we accept interships for artists, programmers, and producers. Must be a creative self-motivated, and hard working person.

For artists at least some of the rquirements above are needed in order to be accepted in our 3 month intern program. Please send your resume and demo reel or portfolio to

For programmer internships you must be able to program in C and have some computer game programming projects that you have completed such as a shareware game or college project. Please send your resume with a copy of your game project to

For producer internships you must be game savy and must have some experience with Word, Excel, and Visio. Please send your resume to


Junglevision Software, 1412 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94702

Tel: (510) 848-5211, Fax: (510) 649-0452

For Human Resources (510) 848-5211 x11 or