Junglevision Software is a third party game developer. Currently working on portable platforms such as Nintendo DS, Apple's iPhone, and the General Plus u'nSP, Junglevision Software is capable of developing products for these platforms quickly using our propriatary 3D/2D engines built specifically for these platforms.

For new projects or for ports of existing projects Junglevision is a cost effective choice for programming, art, sound, music, and production of your entertainment products.

While having produced a number of titles for many different platforms, along with the technical skills of key members, Junglevision is able to take over troubled projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Founded in 1983 by Cathryn Mataga, Junglevision Software became a General Partnership in 1993 adding Megan Quattrocchi as General Manager. We are located at 1412 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702. Our mission is to develop top of the line entertainment projects for portables, consoles, and personal computers.

Cathryn Mataga and Megan Quattrocchi have 50 years of experience programming computers. Megan is familiar with all aspects of managing large, and small programming projects. Cathryn is well-known in the computer game business as a proven game programmer. We have the technical background to build sophisticated computer entertainment projects.


Cathryn Mataga, Technical Manager and Programmer
Cathryn Mataga, has over 25 years of experience working in computer games. From the hit reflex game, Shamus in 1982, Grand Theft Auto in 2004, and Spiderwick in 2008, she has constantly been involved with the leading edge of computer entertainment. With over 30 games programmed, Junglevision Software is the logical extension of her career in computer games.

Megan Quattrocchi, General Manager
Megan Quattrocchi has 30 years of exerience in the computer industry, of which the last 15 have been with Junglevision. Her prior experience includes software/systems/hardware engineering and management for such companies as Intel, MedaSonics, Stellar Systems, Grinnell Systems, Cygnet Systems, and Diasonics. Megan also has an extensive imaging and graphics background. As Junglevision's General Manager she is responsible for management, production, and budgeting of all projects.

Tom Proudfoot, Programmer
Tom Proudfoot has over 11 years experience programming computer games. Five of which have been with Junglevision producing three titles for Nintendo DS and GBA, and some of the PC's most outstanding online games. Tom also has developed a number of original games for the shareware market.

Junglevision Software keeps a minimal amount of staff on hand. We frequently change the number of employess depending on the number and size of the projects being worked on. We always keep teams in-house as employees rather than contract out the work to other shops. We prefer to keep control of the work close to our key members as it helps insure the quality of our work and keeps our costs to a minimum for our clients. We have a pool of artists and other team members to work with. We also have internship programs for some positions like artists where we train recent art graduates our methods and methodologies. This also keeps a constant flow of fresh talent moving into the artists pool.


Junglevision Software, 1412 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94702

Tel: (510) 848-5211, Fax: (510) 649-0452

For Human Resources call (510) 848-5211 x11 or hr@junglevision.com

For information regarding our services call Megan Quattrocchi at (510) 848-5211 x11 or megan@junglevision.com