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You've finally made it. Your nerves and guts tell you he's here . . . and the smell. The sickeningly sweet odor of decomposing fruit; the SHADOW's trademark. Now all that's left . . . to find and destroy him before he returns the compliment.

You didn't know it was going to be this hard. After all, it is the 21st century and your ION-SHIVS are probably the most dangerous weapons in this part of the galaxy. they can drop a fully screened sniffer-droid at 300 meters!

Out of the corner of your eye, a small black shape darts up to the door and noiselessly enters the building across the rocket pad. The memory of your last encounter with the Shadow jolts you, like a neuro-stunner set on max. Images of ROBO-DROIDS, that just don't know when to quit . . . dark, sneaky WHIRLING DRONES from a timeslip star system . . . and the lightning quick SNAP-JUMPERS, that fry you for looking at them cross-eyed, flicker through your mind. Still you've handled them before . . . The big boy himself, SHADOW, is the one you're after!

As you silently enter the door coordinates into your teleporter, the scanner indicates that there are four colored levels of 32 rooms each, and every room is bristling with danger. You know it won't be a high school prom when you transport into the Shadow's lair but there is no turning back. So with a grim chuckle, you reach for the bottle of Nervo-Stim and energize the tansporter. You're ready as the Stim slides down warmly and your biosensors click into high gear.

Tell the Shadow that SHAMUS is here!


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