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I knew about the gravity pits . . . I knew about the slider rungs on the ladderways . . . I knew about the crustacoid life forms that called the Shadow their creator and were at his beck and call to do his murderous work. What I didn't know was what I was doing in this anteroom to Hell and how I was going to escape with most of me intact!

I smiled to myself. I always smile when I'm going to do something stupid. As I leaned against the heavy black door, the air from inside hit me in the face and doubled me over gagging. It didn't snell like no petunia . . . and there was no mistaking this dive . . . the Shadow was here . . . somewhere -- ? I felt I was ready . My plasma detonators were set on neutralize and servo functions wired directly into my nervous system.

And I wasn't wearing armor. In fact, speed is what I needed most -- no, what I really needed most was for the butterlies in my stomach to settle down. I pushed the door open and looked in. It was a long way down and I didn't have a parachute.ou've finally made it. Your nerves and guts tell you he's here . . . and the smell. The sickeningly sweet odor of decomposing fruit; the SHADOW's trademark. Now all that's left . . . to find and destroy him before he returns the compliment.

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