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The escape from the prison of the Timelords was treacherous. Only your courage and savage will to live have brought you to this point.

But this is only the beginning! The beginning of a flight for survival.

This world is known as Zarkafir, the cave world. The gaseous composition of the Zarkafir's atmosphere has led to the development of hot air technology with zeppelins and hot air balloons being the mode of transportation. In this primitve world the Timelords have ruled for centuries. It is here that the Timelords have established the base from which they plan to dominate this planetary system . . . and you must stop them!

Within the caves there are many dangerous twisting corridors filled with defending dirigibles, energy barriers, and deadly air currents. Monstrous earthquakes threaten your every move.

Not great odds, but who said it was going to be fair?

You know their plan!

Now, you must try to stop them. has led to the development


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